Secure with Insecurities..

“As your insecurity becomes nourished, our relationship becomes poisoned.” – Dr. Steve Maraboli Wow! That is a powerful quotation!  I can’t help but this that I have attributed to the poisoning of many relationships in my lifetime.  Friends, family, business colleagues etc. Insecurities were a HUGE part of my existence. I faced what feels like… Continue reading Secure with Insecurities..

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Two and Done?

Cant’t we just have two and be done? I have recently had a brief conversation with a near and dear friend whom can associate with alcoholism both physically and mentally.  This friend had posed that very question to me as an interlude into a discussion. At first, my initial response would have eluded any attempts… Continue reading Two and Done?

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Hidden Spaces, Places, and Faces

Hiding… This term represents many areas of my life.  Not just in my current and continual “status” of being a recovering alcoholic, but hiding for me goes WAY back. Let me start out by telling you that I am a great hider!  I have considered myself somewhat of a magician when it comes to hiding.… Continue reading Hidden Spaces, Places, and Faces